Thursday, September 6, 2012


My name is Thianthong Wawongmun.
Student I.D. 6719.

I would like to introduce Miss Trirattana Khunsriraksakul. We can call her Ploy. She has just begun her second semester in Master’s Degree at Lincoln University. She was born in Thailand. She has had a Bachelor’s Degree with major in Economic Field from Kasetsart University. 

Her father is a doctor and her mother is a housewife, she is the oldest daughter who has one younger brother. Her brother is studying in John Hopkins University. She is interested in cooking and baking pastries. It is her wish to study in culinary school. However, family’s expectation doesn’t go well with her dream, so she is now attending in MBA program in major of Human Resource Management. 

She expected to gain more experiences and knowledge from this school. She also likes to travel and know more about the American culture. However, she just came here for 8 months. She now tries to practice and improve her English skills. She has her future plan which she wants to become a coffee shop or a restaurant owner. Likewise, she still keeps her dream about traveling around the world.

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